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Woke up from itch again. Had to get up.

Breakfast: wholemeal bread w/ jam, butter; weetbix & granola w/ milk

Managed to catch some sleep after breakfast.

Lunch:  soy biscuit, char kuay w/ kaya, sweet potato fritter

Had a cold shower. Afternoon heat and dry air-con not doing my skin any good.

Tea: banana, papaya, yogurt, weetbix & granola w/ milk

Took a dump. Stool looks normal except for big floater.  Had a light workout.

Dinner: white rice, spinach, omelette,  tofu, peas, mushroom, vermicelli, grapes, papaya, red & mung bean mooncake, coffee & chocolate mooncake, walnuts, almonds, wheat biscuits w/ margarine; yogurt, choc cookie, ginger snap



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Woke up from itch. Couldn’t fall back to sleep.

Took Juvanex and fell asleep on the sofa.

Breakfast: coconut ang ku, kaya pau, lotus paste pau

Went for a cardio and strength workout. Farted a lot and stank like crazy. Must be from the last night’s egg and dhal. Sweat didn’t bother skin too much but still looks inflammed. Took a cold shower afterwards.

Lunch: white rice, potato, tofu, yellow peppers, fried tofu strips, okra

Tea: mung bean angku, egg tart, chinese herbal cooling tea, ginseg and snow fungus drink

Dinner: white rice, tofu, green veges, string beans, fried tofu strips, potato, papaya, grapes, almond nougat, almonds, walnuts, tapioca w/ strawberry jam, wheat biscuits w/ butter, kaya; oatmeal cookies, ginger nuts, choc cookies

Took Juvanex.


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Woke up late and groggy from the effects of levocetirizine.

Brunch: weetbix w/ milk, granola

Took a dose of juvanex

Tea: oatmeal cookie, choc cookie, chinese herbal cooling tea

Took a huge dump. Bulk probably from the cereals. Stools look normal.
Dinner: rava tosai, egg tosai, coconut chutney, tomato chutney, dhal, wheat biscuits w/ kaya

Toke another dose of Juvanex. Still feeling damn groggy.


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Woke up again from itching at 430am. Couldn’t fall back to sleep and finally got up at 6am.

Took Juvanex and water.

Breakfast: mung bean dessert, banana, oat biscuit

Went for a cardio and strength workout. Sweat didn’t irritate the skin too much but looks very inflammed. Took a cold shower to cool the skin.

Lunch: mung bean dessert, tofu salad, soy cookie, almond nougat, walnuts, choc cookie, ginger snaps, black sesame cookie

Had a quick nap.

Dinner: white rice, bitter gourd w/ ginger, tomato; tofu slices w/ yellow peppers, tofu w/ potatoes

‘Just for the heck of it’ snack: papaya, weetbix and granola w/ milk; almond nougats, wheat biscuits w/ jam, butter, kaya; ginger snaps

Skin started to feel a bit itchy. Took a double dose (10mg) of xyzal (levocetirizine). Itching subsided. When itching began, it felt like an amount of heat was forming at the itchy site. Then it suddenly cooled and the itch was gone.

Took Juvanex and water.


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Woke up again from the itch. Couldn’t return to sleep so got up at 6am. Took Juvanex and water. Noticed skin condition was better. Continued fast for 12 hrs.

Breakfast: mung bean dessert

Lunch: goji, mung bean dessert, grapes, almonds, seeds

Took a nap then had a quick workout followed by cold shower.

Had Juvanex and water.

Dinner: white rice, tapioca shoots, tofu salad, almonds, evening primrose oil

Took a dump. Had a huge floater. Also, a lot of undigested sesame seeds.

Had some abdominal pains an hour after dump. Felt better after a snack.

Snack: candied ginger, candied rose, wheat biscuit, grapes, plum

Skin not looking too good. prob needs some moisturizing.


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Scratching again in the middle of the night but this time managed to sleep thru. Sides are weeping again. Applied some hydrocortisone cream.Breakfast: mung bean dessert, papaya, banana, seeds, evening primrose oil
Took Juvanex and a long nap.

Lunch:  mung bean dessert, papaya, evening primrose oil

Went for a cardio and strength workout. Sweat made skin slightly itchy.  Had a cold shower after.

Tea:  Juvanex, apple, grapes

Dinner: white rice, tofu salad, green veges, goji


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Woke up scratching again.

Breakfast: mung bean dessert, almonds, walnuts, seeds (sesame, pumpkin, sunflower), wheat biscuit

Took Juvanex before having a cardio and strength workout. Took a cold shower afterwards.

Lunch: white rice, vermicelli, green beans /w red & yellow peppers

Tea: chinese herbal cooling tea

Took Juvanex before dinner. I seem to get drowsy after taking it.

Dinner: white rice, green vege, tofu salad

Midnight snack: papaya, almonds, seeds, wheat biscuits, goji
Took a dump. Stool was huge. Green with a bad odour. Stuck to bowl. A layer of fat was floating on water surface.