Woke up again from the itch. Couldn’t return to sleep so got up at 6am. Took Juvanex and water. Noticed skin condition was better. Continued fast for 12 hrs.

Breakfast: mung bean dessert

Lunch: goji, mung bean dessert, grapes, almonds, seeds

Took a nap then had a quick workout followed by cold shower.

Had Juvanex and water.

Dinner: white rice, tapioca shoots, tofu salad, almonds, evening primrose oil

Took a dump. Had a huge floater. Also, a lot of undigested sesame seeds.

Had some abdominal pains an hour after dump. Felt better after a snack.

Snack: candied ginger, candied rose, wheat biscuit, grapes, plum

Skin not looking too good. prob needs some moisturizing.


~ by moolahb on March 17, 2008.

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