Woke up again from itching at 430am. Couldn’t fall back to sleep and finally got up at 6am.

Took Juvanex and water.

Breakfast: mung bean dessert, banana, oat biscuit

Went for a cardio and strength workout. Sweat didn’t irritate the skin too much but looks very inflammed. Took a cold shower to cool the skin.

Lunch: mung bean dessert, tofu salad, soy cookie, almond nougat, walnuts, choc cookie, ginger snaps, black sesame cookie

Had a quick nap.

Dinner: white rice, bitter gourd w/ ginger, tomato; tofu slices w/ yellow peppers, tofu w/ potatoes

‘Just for the heck of it’ snack: papaya, weetbix and granola w/ milk; almond nougats, wheat biscuits w/ jam, butter, kaya; ginger snaps

Skin started to feel a bit itchy. Took a double dose (10mg) of xyzal (levocetirizine). Itching subsided. When itching began, it felt like an amount of heat was forming at the itchy site. Then it suddenly cooled and the itch was gone.

Took Juvanex and water.


~ by moolahb on March 18, 2008.

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