Here’s my blog on my battle with eczema.

I’ve suffered chronic eczema for over a year now. Very acute. I’ve had episodes where my legs were weeping smelly, yellow fluid. I was oozing so bad that I left a trail as I walked.

Eczema is a tough, vicious cycle: sometimes the comfort for today makes it worse tomorrow. Although I inherited eczema from my mother (my maternal grandmother’s worst episode is a true horror story), I do not believe I have to live with it: I was alright for the last 30 years.

I’m not looking for a cure but I do believe my eczema is too acute. Hence, I am going to bring my body back into balance and return to the time when this disease was a minor inconvenience.

So this is my philosophy:

  1. I shall take responsibility and control of my condition
  2. I shall be open to all medical knowledge, be it traditional or modern
  3. I shall be wise and honest in my judgments

If it sounds like a science experiment that’s because it is!

This blog is my lab journal. The experiments are the various ‘cures’ thrown about: from the web, traditional healers, etc. I shall apply them and honestly judge their efficacy in healing my condition. Nevertheless, I need to be wise: some cures do more harm than good (read my war stories).

Make no mistake: this is a battle. I’ve had enough of the itch, smell and sight of my sores. I have to be organised and scientific. My last hope is this trial and error approach and finally end this misery.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Your thorough research and dedication is impressive. Came accross your we-site by accident and I am not an eczma sufferer or expert but I think your web site is fantastic. I hope that it helps you and am sure it will also help others.

  2. Hi Cara,

    Thanks for the words of encouragement.

    I’m impartial by not selling anything and just tell my story with all its gory details.

    There’s no miracle cure to be found here. Just an honest and often painful blog.

  3. HI, I think your blog is very informative. I have just started my own blog too. I think it is important to raise the awareness of eczema. Many people who do not suffer from eczema will have no idea about its severity. I am buiding a site at the moment called http://www.our-eczema.com and there is a section called your stories. Would you be willing to forward a bio for me. All profits from the site are being donated to the National Eczema Society. Please forward your bio to oureczema@yahoo.co.uk as the link on the site is not yet functional thanks

  4. Hi i’m battling with eczema too. My legs used to be very weepy and itchy. I even had it in my whole body includimg my face. I couldn’t go to work for two weeks. So i made some major changes: no more seafood for me especially prawn, no more carpets at my home, been using the aqueos cream twice a day after bath, i will only take shower for about 6 minutes, wear long pants before sleeping, refrain myself from scratching (this is the hardest part of all), using neutrogena mild cleanser for my face. Now, my ezcema is under control, not weepy anymore but i still have some discolouration on my skin, been using Rosken Vitamin E to heal the scar. Nice blog and good luck in your battle against eczema! i’m planning to detoxify too and see how it works out.

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