Bad Eczema pics

Eczema on right thigh That’s an inflammed site on my thigh. Note the discolouration on parts that are ‘healing’. Skin is so dry and scaly that it reflects the camera flash.

Eczema on left arm That’s the fold on my left arm. Healing somewhat.

left ankle Bad site on my outer left leg.

feet State on feet. Left is healing but note discolouration. Right is starting to flare up again.

right foot weeping Weeping on the right foot.

right foot weeping (2)  Close-up shot. Note the weeping fluid.


19 Responses to “Bad Eczema pics”

  1. I’m really glad you posted that.

    What topical ointments are you using? I don’t have eczema (at least I don’t think I do), but sometimes my fingers get scaley and really dry and then the skin will crack.

    • If you are till suffering from eczema let me know. I know of a product that works with a money back guarantee. I don’t sell it. It’s part of a line of go green products that are guaranteed to work better and cost less than the store brands. (money back guarantee) You can hear about it through

      Hope this is helpful. I am a stand for people’s wellbeing and success and will only refer people to products and/or programs that offer money back guarantees (without jumping through hoops)

  2. Hi Art,

    I experience the same symptoms as you when a new site starts appearing.
    Usually, I apply simple moisturisers (e.g. urea based) consistently and the site heals. If it’s serious, then an OTC hydrocortisone cream from the pharmacy works.

    Above all, don’t leave it till it’s bad. Early intervention will save you a lot of pain.


  3. i’ve got bad eczema…and i’m 15…i’ve had it all my life…and i have tons of steroid creams and moisturizers …and yah know what? nothings worked as well as prednison….its simply amazing! i have tronssssss and tons of allergys and taking prednison about 6 times a years for a about a week or more , each time helps….i used to be able to be around cats and die my hair and wear make-up …but now i can’t and my eyes are always puffy . red and itchy and it’s VERY depressing …and know one understands…they think a cut or a a little rash of theirs is bad …but i have sooo many scars and i have to deal with this the rest of my life …and they still don’t understand how isolating eczema can be…and i really don’t have any self-esteme . Thanks to eczema…..

    • My heart goes out to you. I know what it’s like. All of my life I suffered with skin problems and never enjoyed wearing shorts, bathing suits, or the beautiful dresses that all my friends wore to special occasions.

      I would love to share with you what got rid of my problem, but I see you are 15 or now 16. I don’t have anything to sell you and I don’t want your parents to think that am. No doubt if you’ve tried many treatments and OTC creams, you have thrown away a lot of money. I am confident that what helped me will help you because in the last 9 years it has helped EVERYONE that I’ve referred.

      I’m not exactly sure how you can privately reply but I do have website, that if you ask for more information there an email will get to me.

      With your parents permission, I will just send you one of my little travel tubes to try. If other people see this product, so I am not in a position to hand out samples to everyone but I am willing to pass on information.

  4. AND also…the stuff over the conters , really doesn’t work so well…sometimes you need higher strength…and some of that cheap shit just doesn’t cut it…. it makes me worse!

  5. Pfizer makes a lotion that I have been using for MANY years. My mother used it. My grandmother used it. “Corn Husker’s Lotion”

    It’s available over the counter and REALLY helps. I have never seen it for more than $4.00 a bottle.

  6. i just recently discovered i had eczema, me hands get soo dry and scaly and little bubbles form under my skin. It hurts so bad and i wake up every night with urges to scratch so hard i feel like my fingers are gonna fall off/! its so embarrasing. I just got engaged and i cant even wear my ring. I;m so sad it’s making hate myself. I dont let my fiance hold let alone kiss me hand. Someone if u know anythin that can help me please please please let me know. i’m DESPERATE to get my hands at least better enough so i can wear my beautiful engagement ring !!!!!

    • Sorry to hear of your pain, Tristah.

      My advice would be to seek the advice of a dermatologist. You’ll probably get prescribed some mild cortisol cream that u can get from a drugstore.
      Get some moisturizer cream as well; the simpler the better. I get by with store-bought sorbolene with added vitamin E.

      I take it that these symptoms have only surfaced recently.
      Do you do dishes or use any detergents without gloves?
      Have u introduced any new food into your diet?
      Have u been trying to lose weight, perhaps too rapidly?
      Are u allergic to the metal of your ring?

      All the best.

  7. i may have a cure.. at least one that worked for me. pure coconut oil, make sure it has no add ins, fillers, scents, preservatives, ect. unless its pure shea butter or mango oil or emu oil (some of the pure add ins that i had in mine) it doesnt smell great but put it on before bed then cover so you dont scratch, also put a small amount on in the day for moisture and i promise it will help.

    i had eczema since i was born, and i am seventeen now and have been free for going on 3 years, you’d never believe it today but i used to scratch with a comb until i would bleed and cry. it was ugly and it hurt.

    results are not immidiate but you will notice small improvements. it wasnt a brand i was using, i bought it off a lady in a market, she told me if you could eat it it will be good for you.

  8. Hi I have suffered since 6mths old, I have been down many routes to find a cure, these are some of the things that have agrevated and helped the problem
    Emotional stress look to see if there is someone or some thing that that you can’t control and you are scratching yourself insted of sorting the problem out.
    Diet related exclude these MSG, artificiale sweetners aspartme, milk, gluten , wheat,onins, garlic,leeks,spring oinon, potatoes.tomatoes,oranges,pepers, aubergine,anything related to the bella dona plant, asprin.sugar,alchol,all need to be exluded for at least a month, then re-introduce one at a time
    Diet related include more zinc, Vit C, B Complex, Flax seed oil, Eve Primrose oil,
    Skin Don’t bath or shower every day have a good wash with flannel and water no soap as this changes the PH balnce of the skin wash hair seperate from having shower so shampoo/ conditioner is not being washed over the whole body, try seaweed powder in your bath and use sweet almond oil as a moisteriser after I have just found a product called allergenics cream it contains natural oils and zinc. It work really well for me when I get a flare up its all trial and eror but try to avoid the steroids as much as possible
    I can really say my heart goes out to all of you its hell and I hope some of this helps

  9. Tristah,

    I have had the same problem for several years, I have found that my bubbles are caused by caffeine. I can drink a few cups of coffee and as much tea as I want, but when I add in things like Mountain Dew, Coke, Red Bull and other energy drinks it flares up pretty bad. I went to a dermatologist and he said that is was just a rash, so I got no help from him. I have yet to find anything that works, the only thing I can do is just watch it on the drinks and things of that nature. I’ll give a ditto t everyone about the foods, thats where I believe that it comes from and thats the only explanation that I have.

    One thing I have noticed though, if your bubbles rupture and the liquid inside spreads, it seems that eveywhere else on my hands and feet have the same problem based on exposure. I was getting large bubbles (1-2″ across) on my feet from this sort of exposure but once I found out what it was that caused it and washed my hands when this occured (try a soap with a moisturizer) it spreads very little.

    I hope I was of some help!


  10. Hi. According to TCM, the main cause of eczema is excessive heat. Your body is experiencing acidosis. Being on a diet of alkaline (cooling) foods would probably be your best bet. Alkaline foods consists of fruits and vegetables. Dairy, sugars and meats are acidic. This is food for thought.

    • Hi Linda,

      Yes, that seems to be what my TCM doctor says. I consume mung beans on a regular basis to clear the heat. Also, I’ve ended my stressful lifestyle.

  11. I have had eczema my whole life, scratched till the point that my face has been raw. In middle school I was so embarrassed I wouldn’t wear shorts or short sleeves, and I would skip days of school because I was embarrassed and in pain. I’m 20 now and doing better, and I’ve found things to help.
    -Tanning periodically helps, yes UV rays can do some good but control it.
    -I use Eucerin Creme becaue it is thick and really seems to help, sometimes I add baby oil especially on my face when I get windburn.
    -Drink LOTS of water, hydration from the inside out.
    -Fishoil is useful

    I also finally found a doctor who had something different, cortizone shots. Yes, I know they are not good, I get them in my hip so it doesn’t damage major muscles, in small doses and only once a year in the fall (when the weather gets bad and so does my eczema). It was a godsend. I finally had a time when I wasn’t ashamed to let my best friend see me without makeup. I still have flares, in fact I’m going through a pretty bad one right now, but it is much more managable. Also there is a new eczema product by over the counter cortisone and its very helpful.

    I hope some of wht I’ve said helps. Eczema is no fun, and I understand it hurting self esteem, but things can get better.

    I also plan to move to Hawaii, because its good for my skin. 😉

  12. Hey check out a book called the healthy skin diet by karen fischer, if not take omega 3 high potency pills in therapeutic doses (6 a day), no it won’t kill you, do it for about a month straight then go down to 3 a day.

    Hope this works for you!


  13. I’m 40 and have had eczema my whole life. I have tried everything and it’s not gotten better. Oh it may go into remission temporarily, but it always comes back with a vengeance. I have been a vegan for 10 years and I only wear natural fibers. I even moved south. I have just come to grips with it and have accepted it. As long as it doesn’t get on my face I’m cool.

  14. I have been suffering with excema for about 7-8 years now. It first started on my feet where I ended up having it bad open oozing. Now I have it on my elbows and my fingers. I cant do a thing. I have used lots of topical creams and I am now on Azathioprine. I dont see any changes . I have been to a dermatologist and the medication that he prescribes is so expensive and the medical aid does not cover it. I am so embarrased to even go anywhere because it is so ugly to the eye. Please help me.

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