•March 14, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Although still under effects of antihistamine, I woke up at 3am from the itching on my back.

Breakfast (3am):  weetbix

Took another dose of antihistamine. Asleep until lunch. New weeping site on back.

Lunch: apple, banana, Juvenex detox drink

Went for a cardio and strength workout. Was careful not to sweat too much.

Tea: mung bean dessert, yogurt, seeds (sesame, pumpkin, sunflower), almonds

Dinner: white rice, tofu, mushrooms, chestnuts, green vege, bean sprouts, vermicelli, goji

Juvenex detox drink and antihistamine before bed.



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Woke up at 4am again from the itching. Sites on back still weeping and infection setting in on leg sites. Applied cortisone cream on weeping sites on back and thighs.

Breakfast (at 5am): pumpkin & corn pudding, tapioca & coconut, weetbix w/ milk, banana

Slept till lunch. Woke up quite groggy. Might either be infection, sleep deprivation or dehydration.

Lunch: white rice, cabbage, tofu, mushrooms, chestnuts, wheat cookie

Tea: mung bean dessert

Took some levocetirizine (anti-histamine) and fell asleep till evening. Did some light exercises followed by cold shower. Applied general urea. Itching has reduced because of the antihistamine.

Dinner:  white rice, cabbage, tofu, mushrooms, chestnuts, green beans w/ red and yellow bell peppers

Skin looking inflammed but not itchy.


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Can’t sleep again due to the itching and weeping from the back sites. Woke up at 4am. Not feeling too hungry.

Breakfast (at 5am): milk, wheat biscuits, goji, cinnamon, banana, seeds

Skin is itchy again especially eyebrows and scalp. Reaction to milk or wheat?

Lunch: white rice, steamed fish, red apple, yogurt

Tea: herbal detox tea

Dinner:  white rice, tofu, cabbage, mushrooms, chestnuts

Took a dump. Stools look normal but sticky. Took a cold shower and applied urea.

Skin not looking good. Sites are weeping, inflammed and thickening.


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Red spots have appeared on my forearms. Probably from taking too much peanuts last night. Back sites are weeping more profusely. Didn’t sleep well due to the itch. I’m getting itchy from the heat. Feeling very tired.

Breakfast: wheat & oat cookie, tapioca & pineapple jam, soy & ginkgo nut dessert soup

Skin has not gotten better.  Going to stay off all nuts.

Lunch: yogurt w/ goji berries, banana, apple

Took a quick nap.  Skin inflammation seems to have reduced.

Tea: rice cookie, pineapple jam, seeds (sesame, pumpkin)

Had a quick workout

Dinner: (same as prev night)

Feeling quite hungry but not going to eat.


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Breakfast: can’t remember

Lunch: can’t remember

Went for a cardio and strength workout. Cold shower and general urea

Dinner: white rice, steamed fish, bitter gourd w/ egg

Snack: sesame cookie, peanut butter, butter, strawberry jam, marmalade, almonds, apple, cashews, peanuts

Ate too much and couldn’t sleep till dawn.


•March 9, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Breakfast: can’t remember

Lunch: can’t remember

Went for a cardio and strength workout followed by cold shower.

Dinner: bak kut teh (pork cooked in herbal broth)

no comment on state of skin except the sites on the back are still weeping.


•March 8, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Itchy but not as intense as last night. A bit hungry and sugar level is a bit low. Feeling quite agitated.

Breakfast: wheat cracker, choc chips, ang ku kuih, red bean pau, mini kaya pau

Stamina seems to have improved. Walked to shops and back with hardly breaking a sweat.

Lunch: white rice, green vege, fish in tomato sauce, mushrooms, white fungus, orange