Skin Creams and Ointments

With eczema there are numerous skin products to apply. Here’s what I’ve used:

Fobancort is a strong corticosteroid (Betamethasone) cream for infected (Sodium Fusidate as antiseptic) skin disorders. I apply this on sites that weep. Usually, they dry overnight: testament to its strength. Quite expensive.

OTC Corticosteroid
Mild corticosteroid cream available over-the-counter at any good pharmacy. Not expensive. Usually apply this to weeping sites. Stops the weeping but have to continually use for a week to get complete healing.

Nutraplus Urea 5%
Use this as a moisturizer. Very expensive and a bit of a smell.

Generic Aqueous Cream
Cheap over-the-counter soap substitute but I also use it as an after shower moisturizer. Have to apply a lot though. No odour.

Tar based soap. Used it for a while with no benefit. Stopped using it because of cost and bloody stinks.

Normal Bar Soap
Just normal Lux soap. I try to get lavender or milk. Cheap. Doesn’t dry the skin too much.

Dove Shower Cream
Expensive and doesn’t seem to do much for me.

These are the traditional ones:

Virgin Coconut Oil
Given to me by the Indian traditional practitioner. DO NOT USE!! This oil made my eczema very much worse. I never had weeping and craquale eczema until I started using this. Please beware!

Aloe Vera
Excellent salve. I have them growing in my garden. Doesn’t work fast but skin heals nicely. Doesn’t stop weeping sites quick enough though. Can also be messy to apply.

Warm Shower
Warm showers seem to help my skin. Maybe the pores open and the toxins get washed away? Doesn’t dry my skin too much.


2 Responses to “Skin Creams and Ointments”

  1. Hello, there, I’m a fellow eczema sufferer.

    It’s nice to see that you’re documenting what you’re using, it probably helps a lot of people out there who’re a bit lost with what to use in terms of treatment.

    For me, I’m just basically using two things at the moment. One of hydrocortisone, a very very light steriodal cream that can even be used on the face (actually, its the only one that can be used on the face. Others are wayyy too potent for facial skin.) and aqueous cream as a moisturiser. In terms of soap, I’m using a shower gel that does not foam and moisturises but in some cases, I use emulsifying ointment. It’s like 30% paraffin wax so it really does help lock in moisture while showering. Warm showers are usually quite good but not hot ones. They tend to dry the skin heaps. If possible, shower with cold water. That one definitely does not dry the skin at all.

    When I get really bad outbreaks from eczema, I end up going on a course of prednisone, which is oral steriods. It helps immensely but do remember the side effects of taking oral corticosteriods (bone loss, muscle atrophy, inflammation, water retention, stuff like that)

    Hope this helps with your work. Thanks for your contribution towards eczema sufferers worldwide

  2. Virgin Coconut Oil is a Godsent for most people. It completely cured my exzema. You need to use it for 1 to 2 weeks.

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