The Detox Results

Recently went on the Juvanex 7-day detox regimen to see if it would improve my eczema.

The nasty preliminary symptoms didn’t really hit me. Maybe because I’ve been on a vegetarian diet. Taken from the Juvanex website:

Detoxification is a unique experience for everyone, depending on their toxicity levels and existing health condition.

You may feel a bit weak at the start of a detox. This is normal, because it is at this point that your body dumps toxins (stored in your fat cells and organs) into the blood stream for elimination.

In the first 3 days, you may experience unpleasant short-term reactions such as:

  • Mild diarrhoea – nope
  • Excretion of pungent dark faeces or yellow faeces which floats on water – YES! (see pics below)
  • Frequent urination – not more than usual
  • Fatigue, sleepiness, irritability – not more than usual
  • Coated tongue – not more than usual
  • metallic taste in mouth – not more than usual
  • mouth ulcer – thankfully, no
  • Headache, nausea, vomiting – thankfully, no

These are signs that your body is in the process of cleansing itself of toxins. The more toxic you are, the more severe the symptoms may be.

So, it seems I experienced the most important symptom of all: elimination of toxins via stools.

Here’s a photo log of my stools.

Day 1: (no photo) stools look normal. Slightly green.

Day 2:
Day 2
Stools are rather huge. Slightly less greenish but a lot more brownish. Smell is revolting. Also notice the layer of fat on the water surface.

Day 3: no bowel movement

Day 4:

Day 4 (1)
Stools are huge again. It’s not apparent from this angle but the stool is actually floating! It’s the biggest floater I’ve ever produced! The piece at the back is studded with undigested sesame seeds. Smell is horrible: no surprise.
Day 4 (2)

Day 5: no bowel movement

Day 6:
Day 6 (1)
This has got to be one of the biggest dumps ever. It looks like my entire bowels came out. The stools came out quite easily though. And they were soft. So, I was surprised to see blood on the stools. Smell is revolting.
Day 6 (2)

Day 7: no bowel movement

Day 8:
day 8 (1)
Huge stools again. Note the giant floater in the foreground. Smells terrible.
day 8 (2)

Despite the impressive ‘production’, my skin condition hasn’t improved a great deal. Some sites are drying up but I’ve still got weeping ones and distressing itching episodes at night. Kind of disappointed.


10 Responses to “The Detox Results”

  1. […] My detox week has been pretty messed up, tbh. I guess I haven’t psyched myself up enough before embarking on this journey. Maybe I got too ambitious about eliminating all the carbs. I could feel Juvanex working though, the inside of my mouth taste metallic and I’ve got pimples popping out on my face (it’s not even the time of the month). My poop are hehehe, you don’t wanna know. But, this blog may give you a rough idea… […]

  2. wow u got sum bad toxins lol

  3. do you really think that you need everyone to see your toilet full of shit? they look no different than any ones before or after, WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE FOR THIS YOU FUCKING DISGUSTING person!?

  4. I so believe in de-toxing and I am impressed with the results I see. I will order what ever this is. I din’t see an ad yet, so if this site isn’t directing me there, I would appreciate a link. I was just looking for colon cleanse results. I had psoriasis for 28 years and my neighbor had sever eczema. I tried Renew from Melaleuca and we both had clear skin within 2 weeks. It has been 8 years. Anyone wanting to know more about harmful toxins, common in all homes, but harmful to our health go to

    Thanks for putting yourself out there. Curious to know if you kept up with the regime and the results.

  5. Oh my god there is shit on pictures !

  6. Nasoala treaba, s-ar putea sa o mierlesti
    Look on ca e misto

  7. I was most concerned about the taste. I noticed that during my detox (especially days 3-7) my subtle nuttiness had transformed into an earthy staunch bouquet with fruity aromas. Hoping to know if others had the same experience.

    Sincerely, Marisella 🙂

  8. My sons’ don’t move their bowels everyday but when they do the bowel always clogs up the toilet. they also spend so much time in the bathroom releaseing.

  9. heces de esteatorrea.

  10. hi ,i also had atopic Eczema and my doctor prescribed me “Zentel”medicine for detoxification..but the thing is my skin rash caused by eczema is cured in a week ,but i am not able to get rid of the side effect of this detoxification process which is- mild diarrhoea,Headache, nausea,and above all-Green stools !! How many days you took to come back to normal stool colour and did you take medicines for it…Please tell me i am really worried.

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